FAQ: frequently asked questions by parents and students

Where is Sugar Land, Texas?

Sugar Land is a suburb of the city of Houston. It is located about 25 minutes southwest of downtown Houston.

What should I plan for meals?

Plan to eat breakfast before you come to institute each morning. For lunch, either bring a sack lunch or plan to go out to a nearby fast food restaurant. (we are quite close to Sugar Land Town Square and First Colony Mall). Afternoon classes will finish in plenty of time for you to get home before dinner. There will be a morning snack for all participants provided daily at the institute. On the last day, we will have pizza for everyone after the final concert.

Can my child attend institute alone?

No, each child must be accompanied by a parent or other adult (grandparent, aunt, uncle, nanny, babysitter, sibling age 18 or over, etc.)
EXCEPTION: students over the age of 16 who can drive themselves to the institute may attend institute without an adult.

Can I attend institute with more than one child?

Yes! Although it is optimal for each child to have an adult accompanying them during the institute day, it is possible for a family to attend the institute with more than one child accompanied by one adult. Keep reading for all the situations where this can occur.

How can I attend institute with more than one child participating in the full institute enrollment?

When registering, please indicate on your application that you are attending with multiple children. We will do our best to accommodate schedule changes when possible to make your institute day more manageable.

How can I attend institute with a child participating in full enrollment and a baby/toddler in the Early Childhood Class?

The Baby/Toddler class is only one hour of the institute day. We will have onsite childcare available for the rest of the institute day.

I have another child that does not play an instrument. Can they attend the institute?

Yes! Siblings may attend. Just sign them up for the sibling enrichment class option.

What is a master class? What is a technique class?

Visit our Student Class Descriptions page and click on each class to read about all our institute class offerings.