FAQ: frequently asked questions by teachers

Can I observe classes at the institute?

Yes! You may observe all student classes, parent talks, play-ins, fiddle jam sessions, recitals, and parent talks. There is a registration fee for teacher observers, but no fee for teachers enrolled in the Teacher Enrichment Class. All teacher observers registering before the late registration deadline will receive an institute packet, tote bag and t-shirt. You are welcome to attend the final concert for free, however you must purchase a ticket to attend the Western Swing Night and Barbeque Dinner on Thursday evening.

What units of instrumental teacher training are offered this year?

Unfortunately, none yet. Since it is the institute’s first year, we are looking forward to adding teacher training to our institute schedule for future years. Please feel free to contact us and let us know your training interests. We would love to hear from you!

However, please do consider taking the 10-hour enrichment class, “STRING THEORY GAMES” with Elizabeth Cunha this year, 2020, registrable with the SAA!

How can I prepare my students to attend the institute?

Encourage them to apply to the institute early. Make sure they have memorized and reviewed all their Suzuki literature, from Twinkles up to their current working piece. Help them choose an appropriate, solidly learned, completely memorized, “polished piece” (not their newest working piece) to play in their master class. Talk to students and parents about trying new ideas and being open to new techniques from new teachers during the institute week.

How can I volunteer to help at the institute?

Contact us! Houston Suzuki Institute would be happy to have you on our team!