Fiddle Jam sessions are just musical conversations between two or more people and the best way to learn how to converse is by listening to how others talk to one another and then slowly but surely, start jumping in and contributing. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. But you learn a little every time. Even if you just watch, go to a jam session and get a sense of how things work. Don’t get intimidated by “jam rules”. Those things are meant to be helpful but they can also be divisive. But don’t be scared, just watch, observe, and be respectful. Ask questions and try. Jams are friendly, casual and all about having fun, but there are a few things to know in advance to help make it a positive experience. 

  • Try to seek out jams at a level and in a style you can play, but you can learn and have fun at jams of ALL genres and levels.
  • Take advantage of being around more advanced and older players and watch, listen and record. The fun factor of jamming is high and you’ll make friendships of all ages while your musicianship and skills improve over time.
  • Use the same good manners you would use around your grandma’s dinner table, everybody will come away from the jam session with a good feeling. And feeling good is the ultimate goal of music when all is said and done!